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THE LAUNCH HAS PASSED. Over 1400 registrants viewed the film. Over 650 joined the panel discussion.

Lookout for possible future events.

The film is an intimate infant observation documentary which follows 3 South African infants and their families and caregivers over the first year of their lives.
The event took place on Saturday 30 January 2021

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The Panel

The panel was chaired by Andrea Sabbadini (United Kingdom) Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society.

Presenters were:
Suzanne Maiello (Italy) child and adolescent psychotherapist (ACP) and adult analyst (AIPA/IAAP);

Esther Chunga (South Africa) psychologist and psychoanalytic candidate (SAPA) and the clinical director at Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust; and

Andy Spitz (South Africa) documentary filmmaker and consultant.

Why Attend

The film and live event provided unique insights and opportunities for discussion specifically for people active in areas of mental and community health and filmmaking.

Some of the themes panelists explored included vocal and verbal rhythms, race, culture and language, gains/losses, parental presence/absence, group/individual identities, observer's presence.

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You are also welcome to explore our new website with over 150 observational clips from which the film BECOMING has been edited. The clips are available via subscription for training and research purposes. Additional clips are currently being added to the site and the process will be complete by April 2021.

Enjoy the journey.

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