Leago looking at biological dad
Banele dad and Zanele Becoming Still 14
Leago frog pose
Sofia 1 yr copy

Unique online access to the acclaimed infant observation documentary Becoming and to 170 Three Infants Observed video clips, filmed weekly over the 1st year of three infants' lives

  • Observe infant development and dynamics in 3 families - as if you were in the room
  • The full sets of 3 infant observations are available by subscription to vetted academics, researchers, institutions and organisations
  • The majority of the Three Infants Observed video clips are not part of the edited documentary
  • Search, select and tailor material for training or research from hundreds of minimally edited clips by key words, ages and families
  • Rent the documentary

Becoming is now available with Chinese subtitles on request

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Becoming: Three Infants Observed is an invaluable video resource tailored specifically to academics, researchers, students and professionals in institutions and organisations involved in child development, psychology, social work, paediatrics, nursing, psychoanalysis, mental health and more

Feedback from the Psychoanalytic Institute Heidelberg (DPV/IPA)

"Always when I prepare a seminar, I am so grateful for your valuable footage which seems to be an infinite treasure chest for our purpose, training young analysts and I also feel a great admiration for the huge effort you have done by observing these children so empathically."

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