Banele 105 days

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Banele (105 days / 15 weeks) 01    00:04:47

Banele | Holding/impinging (environment), Silence, Sleep

There are days when one arrives to observe or film and not much is happening. The infant is asleep for most or all of the time. It is still worth watching and taking in the surrounding environment and atmosphere of the infant.

Banele is asleep, wrapped up in thick blankets. It is mid winter. He is held in the arms of a new “auntie” (carer). The house is quite quiet with cartoon networks playing at low volume on the television. This might be because Banele is asleep, or because of a perceived need for quieter TV during filming.

Banele’s young sisters are at home. They have not yet started formal schooling and do not go to a creche or pre-school. They lie on the couch – moving about at times, aware of the camera and sometimes making eye contact with the filmmaker. Other times they seem to sleep. Banele occasionally wriggles in the blankets, or wakes slightly and then goes back to sleep.

People you will meet:


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister