Banele 127 days 01

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Banele (127 days / 18 weeks) 01    00:11:57

Banele | Fathers, Awareness of Camera, Self-regulation, Communication, Pleasure, Gaze, Play, Nurturing

Banele and dad are staying in a guest room at mom’s work (a guest house in the suburbs about 40 minutes from home). Dad and Banele are interacting – dad consciously trying to include the filmmaker into Banele’s line of vision – saying “Look, look. There’s Andy”. Dad places Banele under a mound of blankets propped up against some cushions.

He feeds Banele, who is keeping an eye on the filmmaker. Banele holds the bottle with one hand occasionally while dad secures it in place to feed. Banele has hiccups.

Banele smiles at the camera – initially, seemingly in response to a smile from the filmmaker, but he initiates the interactions thereafter – smiling and laughing and vocalising. At times he appears excited – arms moving around. He also rubs his eyes. Banele becomes uncomfortable and dad tries to distract him making sounds. The interaction continues with Banele smiling and laughing at some of dad’s noises and games. There is a to-and-fro interaction at times with Banele initiating a movement or sounds and dad responding. Dad still encourages Banele to notice the camera but he is closely following dad’s face and eyes.

The phone rings and dad seems to contemplate answering but does not leave Banele who is holding onto his fingers.

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Sizwe Dad

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