Banele 127 days 02

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Banele (127 days / 18 weeks) 02    00:10:54

Banele | Fathers, Awareness of Camera, Self-regulation, Connect/disconnect, Presence/absence, Loss, Silence

Continuing from clip 1: Banele is still on the bed playing with dad. The TV catches Banele’s attention. Banele appears able to choose what he wants to look at and when to turn to something else – between filmmaker, TV and dad. This is the most alert Banele has been during filming.

Dad moves to sit on the end of the bed, placing Banele in a blanket and sitting so that he is in full view of the camera. Banele continues to interact with the filmmaker and with dad’s hands. Dad stares off suddenly absent from the scene. His face loses its engagement with Banele and he seems to enter his own world. Banele fixes his gaze directly on the camera. Dad, returning, momentarily to ensure Banele is ok and then quickly disappearing into his mind again. At times Bandele’s face mirrors dad’s expression, even though he is not seeing dad’s face.

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Sizwe Dad

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