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Banele (138 days / 19.5 weeks) 02    00:11:44

Banele | Fathers, Awareness of Camera, Self-regulation, Communication, Frustration, Gaze, Siblings

Banele's siblings are huddled around a toy. Banele begins, in the background, to make himself heard. Siybonga shifts his attention to Banele and takes over a toy. Various children get involved in trying to sooth and distract Banele from crying.

When Banele starts to cry loudly dad arrives and picks him up to comfort him. He settles quickly but later returns to niggling and crying. He is rubbing his eyes. While rocking Banele, the young female cousin, who is visiting, walks past dad and Banele - dad comments to Banele raising his eyebrows as if to point, “that’s a bum [arse]” looking at the young woman’s bottom. Dad rocks Banele in his arms for many minutes until Banele finally falls asleep.

People you will meet:

Siyabonga 1

Siyabonga Youngest Half-Brother


Sizwe Dad

Skhumbuzo 3

Skhumbuzo Oldest Half-Brother


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister

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