Banele day 16 gaze

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Banele (16 days)    00:11:00

Banele | Feeding, Presence/absence, Gaze

Banele is asleep on the couch. His sisters are playing. Mom is watching tv. Tired. Mom stands, bottle in hand, watching over Banele and anticipating his waking and needing to feed.

When Banele wakes he is quickly soothed by being given the bottle, and he feeds. There is little eye contact between mom and Banele. Sisters are playing in the background. Mom tries to burp Banele but he doesn’t burp. He appears uncomfortable. Mom encourages him to burp. Banele appears to seek eye contact (one eye squinting towards mom’s face).

Banele burps and settles on mom’s chest. The girls play in the background and mom tells Zanele to find her doll and to dress her.

People you will meet:


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister

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