Banele 280 days 40 weeks 01

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Banele (280 days / 40 weeks) 01    00:11:20

Banele | Attachment (secure/insecure), Awareness of Camera, Crawling/standing/walking, Drive, Fathers, Holding/impinging (environment), Pleasure, Siblings, Wondering

It is the weekend and everyone is at home. Banele is standing on dad on the couch and exploring the space around him, while dad prevents him from falling. Mom is baking scones and Zanele is watching her. The other siblings are on their couch. The TV is on in the background. When Banele fixes his eyes on the scone batter, mom teases him that he’d like to grab it and go and hide. Everyone comments on how good it smells and how this is inviting Banele’s attention. Banele is passed to Siyabonga but starts to cry when Siya wants to sit down. Siya continues to stand with Banele on his hip and then passes Banele to Sihle who does the same. When mom is finished mixing the batter she reaches out for Banele who goes to her. They sit on the chair and mom gets some crisps for him, placing a blanket underneath him so that he can sit securely. She criticises Sihle for improper folding of the blanket.

People you will meet:

Nomusa banele 23 days

Nomusa Mom


Sihle Older Half-Sister

Siyabonga 1

Siyabonga Youngest Half-Brother


Sizwe Dad

Skhumbuzo 3

Skhumbuzo Oldest Half-Brother


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister

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