Banele 280 days 40 weeks 03

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Banele (280 days / 40 weeks) 03    00:09:08

Banele | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Fathers, Parental protection, Pleasure, Sensitivity, Siblings

Cont from clip 02:

Banele is sitting with dad on the couch. Mom, having noticed the wet neck section of the T-shirt asks for it to be changed. Dad rubs some cream onto Banele (although mom is not happy that the cream is perfumed rather than plain). Mom checks on the scones in the oven and then goes to pick up Banele from dad. After telling Banele, “Don’t trouble me” she lifts him in the air a few times before sitting back in her seat. “You’re behaving well, right?” she asks him. She hands him a Caucasian-skinned doll to play with which he throws away a few times, to mom’s amusement. Mom asks Zanele to come over and take Banele. Zanele is the youngest sibling and the filmmaker hasn’t seen her carrying Banele before. Banele is not willing to go to Zanele and mom smiles. They try this a few times but without success. Thando tries to take Banele but he cries and is quickly passed back to mom who laughs.

People you will meet:

Nomusa banele 23 days

Nomusa Mom


Sihle Older Half-Sister


Sizwe Dad


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister

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