Banele 300 days 42 6 weeks 01b

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Banele (300 days / 42.6 weeks) 01    00:09:15

Banele | Awareness of Camera, Empathy/ Lack thereof, Feeding, Sensitivity, Siblings, Thinking

Banele is at home with his sisters. He is sitting on Sihle’s lap and she is encouraging him to reach for a toy that the is holding just out of reach. Banele stretches for it and stands up on the couch, supported by both the couch and Sihle, to increase his reach. At one point he becomes aware of the filmmaker and Sihle jokingly tells him to look at the camera. Banele smiles a bit shyly and burries himself in Sihle’s neck.

Sihle gets up to do something at the stove and asks Thando to keep an eye on Banele. Banele quickly starts crying as Sihle moves away. She returns to him, picks him up and takes him with her to the stove. He stops crying immediately.

When he is given a bottle to drink, he holds the bottle himself and drinks it sitting up on Sihle’s lap.

People you will meet:


Sihle Older Half-Sister


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister