Banele 338 days 48 2 weeks

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Banele (338 days / 48.2 weeks) 01    00:10:24

Banele | Empathy/ Lack thereof, Siblings, Silence, Wondering

Banele and Zanele are sitting on the couch, Banele drinking from his bottle which is almost empty. Banele grunts holding out his hand with the bottle in it. “Auntie”, a new housekeeper, brings him a replacement bottle. Zanele watches from the side. “Auntie” brings a small bowl of chips (crisps) for Banele, who picks out a couple and begins to eat. Zanele stretches her hand to take one from the bowl but Banele stops her with his hands and another grunt. Banele looks at Zanele then into the bowl then at the filmmaker, and after picks up a chip and tries to hand it to Zanele, who pushes it away.

People you will meet:

Auntie 3

Auntie 4th Carer


Zanele Youngest Sister