Banele 65 days 01

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Banele (65 days / 9.2 weeks) 01    00:06:34

Banele | Awareness of Camera, Communication, Maternal Presence/Absence, Wondering, Pleasure, Gaze, Bathing, Nurturing, Siblings

Banele is lying fully clothed on “his” sofa. Mom is talking to him in an animated manner – “You can see your mama” she tells him. The conversation continues with mom describing to Banele what he is looking at while also discussing practical matters with “Auntie” (the term of respect used to refer to the housekeeper/caregiver) and the children. Siblings watch on and participate, with Siyabonga watching Banele’s leg movements and teasing him that he is playing soccer (football). Banele watches his brother, following his face and eyes. He also notices the filmmaker and camera.

The children bring all the things needed to bath Banele and finally, the bathtub itself is brought and placed on a cloth on the table.

People you will meet:

Nomusa banele 23 days

Nomusa Mom


Sihle Older Half-Sister

Siyabonga 1

Siyabonga Youngest Half-Brother

Skhumbuzo 3

Skhumbuzo Oldest Half-Brother


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister

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