Banele 80 days

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Banele (80 days / 11.4 weeks) 01    00:10:53

Banele | Fathers, Awareness of Camera, Self-regulation, Presence/absence, Communication, Parental exhaustion, Silence

Dad is at home. He speaks about the illegal landing of a private family aeroplane at the military base at which he works on contract cleaning planes before, prompted by a comment by the filmmaker, talking briefly about Banele’s growth. Dad points out to Banele who the filmmaker is. All Banele’s siblings are at home on the other sofa. Dad passes on various instructions. Banele becomes restless and begins to cry. Dad tries different ways of soothing him before lying Banele on dad’s lap on his back. Banele settles and lies there for a while. Dad falls asleep in this position, head bobbing as he does.

People you will meet:


Sihle Older Half-Sister

Siyabonga 1

Siyabonga Youngest Half-Brother


Sizwe Dad

Skhumbuzo 3

Skhumbuzo Oldest Half-Brother


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister