Banele 91 days 13 weeks

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Banele (91 days / 14 weeks) 01    00:10:03

Banele | Self-regulation, Feeding, Maternal Presence/Absence, Curiosity, Siblings

Banele is being held by mom as she talks to him before bathing. After his bath (not included in this clip) he is dressed in a warm winter babygrow. There is much conversation with Banele’s siblings talking to mom about the day. Banele looks at the camera.

Auntie (the caregiver/housekeeper) brings a porridge mixture. This is the first solid food feed that the filmmaker has observed. Banele protests a bit but, lying on his back in mom’s arms, he eats the food. Mom scolds the older siblings for being irresponsible with removing the solid food mixture, saying that if it spoils it will be expensive to make more. During this time Banele, still being fed, avoids most eye contact with mom. He regurgitates much of what he has eaten.

People you will meet:

Nomusa banele 23 days

Nomusa Mom


Sihle Older Half-Sister

Siyabonga 1

Siyabonga Youngest Half-Brother

Skhumbuzo 3

Skhumbuzo Oldest Half-Brother


Thando Oldest Sister


Zanele Youngest Sister