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Leago (10 days)    00:12:20

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Feeding

Mom enters room with camera rushing in behind. She picks up Leago and offers her breast - saying "drink/take father" (as he is the first born male in the house). He tries to suck but still isn’t proficient. They make eye contact several times. Mom gets pleasure from this and smiles. He seems to smile too(?). Mom is very patient with the feed and with trying to rock him to sleep. She puts him down and watches over him. Continual talking in the background - he doesn’t seem to respond much to sudden noises. Background talk includes comments on the weekly filming visits that will take place over the year for an educational documentary.

Mom put Leago down to sleep and watches him from the door. Asleep, Leago's hands and face move apparently unrelated to the sounds around him.

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Sue Mom

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