Leago 105 days 15 weeks 02

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Leago (105 days / 15 weeks) 02    00:10:11

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Communication, Nurturing, Pleasure, Self-regulation

Continuing from clip 01: Leago has been entertaining himself in his washing basket for the past 25 minutes, with occasional attention (vocal or physical) from mom or granny.

Leago starts to cry loudly and granny picks him up and places him on her lap on the chair. They watch TV together for a few minutes, granny talking to and kissing Leago. Mom’s voice is audible in the kitchen – often in response to cries from Leago “I’m coming. I’m finished” she says.

NOTE: “Haaisuka” literally mean “go away” but is dependent on tone and context. In talking to Leago it would most often mean “No man! Stop it!” but the direct translation could also underlie the comment.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny


Sue Mom

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