Leago 105 days 15 weeks 01

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Leago (105 days / 15 weeks) 01    00:11:12

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Holding/impinging (environment), Self-regulation

Leago is sitting securely in a washing basket – propped up on all sides with cushions and blankets. He is playing with the rattle that he learned to hold a few weeks ago (link to clip). He is focused on the rattle, his tongue moving around, and he occasionally glances towards the kitchen where noises are coming from. Both mom and granny are home and busy in other rooms of the house. Leago is mouthing his fingers. There is a discussion on the Polio vaccination in the coming weeks.

After about 5 minutes of sucking his fingers and looking around quietly, Leago begins to vocalise towards the camera. He gets an immediate response from mom in the kitchen, but she does not come to him. Minutes pass where he continues to suck his fingers and move his attention between the TV, the camera and his hand. Every now and then, in response to a louder noise from Leago, mom or granny vocalises from the kitchen, or granny comes to Leago and gives him the rattle or says “hello”. At moments, Leago seems fixed on the filmmaker and is making sounds and changing facial expressions.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny


Sue Mom

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