Leago 105 days 15 weeks 03

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Leago (105 days / 15 weeks) 03    00:13:02

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Communication, Feeding, Gaze, Intrusion, Self-regulation, Skin

Continuing from clip 02: Leago is being soothed by granny. He has waited a long time for mom who has been busy in the kitchen. Now he is upset. Mom fetches him from Granny and begins to feed him. Leago stops crying and feeds. At times he looks at the filmmaker with a range of expressions, other times he is watching mom’s face and playing with her fingers. Mom talks to Leago, describing what they will do today.

Leago make groaning sounds and watches mom’s expression. They smile at each other. They talk in a call and response manner. Mom is swaying Leago towards and away from her. Leago burps and regurgitates a fountain of milk onto mom. She cleans him up and begins playing again. Leago is smiling and his eyes are simultaneously opening wide and he is gurgling. His facial expressions change for laughter to something less certain. “I’m tired of you” mom says.

NOTE: “Haaisuka” literally mean “go away” but is dependent on tone and context. In talking to Leago it would most often mean “No man! Stop it!” but the direct translation could also underlie the comment.

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Sue Mom

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