Leago 133 days 19 weeks 01

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Leago (133 days / 19 weeks) 01    00:09:36

Leago | Communication, Feeding, Gaze, Thinking, Thriving

Leago is in his washing basket playing with a teething ring. Mom brings his solid porridge and picks him up to feed him. Leago eats the food, some spilling out of his mouth and mom catches it with the spoon. She tells him “No, don’t talk. You have to eat.” Mom plays with the word food as a song to encourage Leago to eat and when he begins to push the food away or turn his head so that his mouth is not accessible, mom tries to squeeze in a couple more spoonsfull, laughing occasionally as she does. After doing this a few times she tells him “You want to strangle me … but at least you ate.”

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