Leago 133 days 19 weeks 02

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Leago (133 days / 19 weeks) 02    00:10:33

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Bathing, Connect/disconnect, Gaze, Pleasure, Skin, Wondering

Leago is about to bath. Mom is telling him that it’s now winter and he will only bath in the morning. She tickles Lee and they laugh together. Mom takes off Leago’s diaper “yuck, yuck, yuck!” she tells him, while wiping him clean. When mom leaves to fetch some bath things, Leago lies on the bed kicking his legs in the air and looking around. He is wearing woollen strands around his body and wrists as well as beads around his neck.

Leago is picked up and put into the water. Mom washes him and he looks at her, the water and the filmmaker. After a thorough bath mom takes Leago out of the water, dries him and leaves him alone on the bed while she gets rid of the bath-water. "I'll be back soon" she tells him and he lies on his towel looking around him. Mom returns and massages cream onto Leago’s body as he rolls around sometimes in silence and sometimes vocalising gently.

NOTE: The following note is provided by someone familiar with the cultural practices of Leago’s family: During the post-partum period both mother and infant need to be protected from outside intrusions and from evil spirits and the gossip and judgement of unsupportive members of the community. The woollen strings around Leago’s chest, waist and wrists are intended to protect the child from evil spirits of this world.

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