Leago 150 days 21 5 weeks 01

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Leago (150 days / 21.5 weeks) 01    00:09:25

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Curiosity, Feeding, Play, Pleasure, Self-regulation, Skin

Leago is in his washing basket, playing alone with some toys. He looks up at the filmmaker every now and then and continues to play. When he topples gently onto the side of the basket he lets out a high pitched noise. Mom arrives to sit him upright and he continues to play.

Mom arrives shortly afterwards with a box of porridge and a breast pump. She expresses some milk to add to his food and explains to him that he shouldn’t cry as she is preparing his food. She gives him the box to play with and the two interact and watch TV while mom expresses.

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Sue Mom

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Leago 150 days 21 5 weeks 02
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