Leago 150 days 21 5 weeks 02

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Leago (150 days 21.5 weeks) 02    00:04:47

Leago | Communication, Gaze, Play, Pleasure

Having just been fed, Leago is taken out of his washing basket so that mom can play with him. He is lifted up and down and kissed and tickled. He laughs, makes high pitched sounds, while watching mom’s face. He reaches out to touch her nose.

As Leago starts to pay attention to his toy mom starts playing again. Leago’s eye seem to look away from her now while she snuggles into his neck. They then play the “stand-up-sit-down” game and other active games where he is moved about. This continues until Leago vomits and mom tells him that’s why she doesn’t want to make him play.

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Sue Mom

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