Leago 154 days 22 2 weeks 03

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Leago (154 days / 22.2 weeks) 03    00:09:45

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Gaze, Holding/impinging (environment)

Leago is in his washing basket playing with a range of toys. Mom is behind him sorting washing pegs. Leago hiccups and continues to play. Every now and then he tries to peer around to see mom behind him. Just before he squeals, she notices his glance and leans towards him. A little later, while Leago is trying to look over his shoulder to where mom has been sitting, she comes around from the other side. “Hello” she says and he immediately turns towards her. so that he can see her. They begin to chat. Mom yawns occasionally, comments on being tired and sits down behind him again.

Leago continues to play with his toys and suddenly lets out a few loud noises / shouts. Leago is rubbing his face with his toy. Mom comes round talking animatedly to Leago and they have a conversation. Mom tries to give Leago a fright to stop his hiccups. His eyes widen momentarily but he seems otherwise unaffected. He starts to vocalise loudly and mom comments quietly on his noise but does not stop the vocalising. After a while she picks him up and he starts to feed, watching her on her phone as he does.

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Florence granny

Florence Granny


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