Leago 164 days 23 5 weeks 01a

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Leago (164 days / 23.5 weeks) 01    00:10:12

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Feeding, Play, Self-regulation, Separation, Soothing

Mom is carrying Leago inside in his washing basket to feed him. After feeding (which is not included in this clip) she puts him into his basket and gives him a large biscuit. Leago watches mom leave to the kitchen while starting to suck on his biscuit. He sits looking around and at the filmmaker for a while then starts to make some sounds. Mom arrives, picks up the biscuit and re-adjusts him in the basket.

When mom leaves, after a short conversation, Leago turns his focus towards the TV, with its quite dramatic daytime television sound track. Mom returns a minute later and makes lots of sounds while moving very close to his face. Leago laugh for a while and turns his eyes away. She tickles him for a while and then hands him a toy. She plays with a cloth over his face – he smiles and arches his back.

Mom leaves Leago to play for about 15 minutes. He watches her occasionally in the kitchen (not in the clip) and then starts to vocalise loudly. Mom replies from another room. At times Leago looks startled by his own voice. He calls and then stops and listens for a reply. Mom enters and walks around behind him but does not interact with him. He watches and vocalizes. A little while later she picks him up to feed. Leago quietens down and begins to feed.

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