Leago 175 days 25 2 weeks 01

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Leago (175 days / 25.2 weeks) 01    00:13:35

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Communication, Curiosity, Fathers, Feeding, Frustration, Gaze, Self-regulation

Leago is in his washing basket and mom starts to feed him a new food. He reacts to the first taste of it – lips contorted, tongue exploring. Mom takes him out of the basket to feed on her lap. Leago wriggles around, mom trying to get him to eat without putting food on her jersey. Mom and granny discuss why it is so hard to feed him, “that’s why I asked you to feed him. You think I’m crazy” mom says. Leago is handed to granny to continue feeding. Granny turns the eating into a game, making funny noises. While Leago gazes up at her granny puts food into his mouth. But he does not settle into an easy feeding. Granny stands him up against her and his hands explore her face. She chastises him but he smiles and continues. Mom returns to the room and Leago is put into his basket for mom to finish feeding him. Leago shows mom that he does not want to eat.

He takes the spoon but he has closed his mouth and doesn’t manage to get the food into his mouth. Mom comments “shame” and laughs and leaves the room. Granny continues to feed him, commenting on how unpleasant the food tastes. Rantokolo, the younger of Leago’s two uncles (who lives in the house with mom and granny), enters the room, making noises towards Leago. Leago smiles broadly and continues to watch uncle as he tries to get responses out of Leago. While doing so, Rantokolo is negotiating for granny to pay him if he does her garden.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Leago Rantokolo

Rantokolo (Veejo) Younger Uncle


Sue Mom

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Leago 175 days 25 2 weeks 02
Leago (175 days / 25.2 weeks) 02 Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Expectation, Play, Pleasure