Leago 175 days 25 2 weeks 02

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Leago (175 days / 25.2 weeks) 02    00:15:02

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Expectation, Play, Pleasure

Leago is in his washing basket with granny sitting in front of him (having changes after feeding him). Mom walks behind Leago who arches his back and cries, turning to see her. Granny picks him up and plays with him, both smiling until granny sees that her glasses have knocked Leago. She apologises and he returns to playing. Granny gets up to leave and Leago, now in his basket, squeals and twists. Granny returns and helps Lee to squeeze a squeaky toy. His eyes widen and he smiles. Leago continues to play with different toys, exploring them with his mouth and fingers. Granny is sitting nearby and joining in the play. Leago’s eyes follow the toy as granny moves it around squeaking above him. After some time, with mom folding washing behind him, Leago becomes restless and starts to cry. Mom picks him up, ready to breastfeed him.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Leago Rantokolo

Rantokolo (Veejo) Younger Uncle


Sue Mom

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