Leago 196 days 28 weeks 01

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Leago (196 days / 28 weeks) 01    00:07:42

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Play, Siblings, Sleep, Support

Leago is sitting with his granny in the living room. Other family members are there – his older uncle, Rodney, cousin, Naledi, younger uncle, Rantokolo, and mom is in and out doing house chores.

The conversation suggests that Leago has been unsettled and not sleeping. Granny tries to get him to sleep. Rantokolo sits down to eat and talks loudly to Leago, using baby language. Leago turns to see him. He watches him eating and makes occasional noises. Rodney says to Leago “Do you want to talk?”

Lee is watching Rantokolo when mom walks down the passage. He starts to cry. Granny comments “When he sees you he starts to cry.” Mom sighs, walks up to him and puts out her hands to pick him up. Leago reaches for mom, who then sits down with him on the floor. Leago stares at the TV while mom claps her hands and “high-five’s” him. Each time she stops clapping he looks at the hands and starts to cry so mom continues.

Mom starts to sing a nursery rhyme with Naledi and her dad, Rodney. The song is about children at school who are afraid of a leopard.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Naledi 3

Naledi Cousin

Leago Rantokolo

Rantokolo (Veejo) Younger Uncle

Rodney older uncle

Rodney Older Uncle


Sue Mom