Leago 203 days 29 weeks 02

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Leago (203 days / 29 weeks) 02    00:08:31

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Curiosity, Drive, Frustration, Loss, Separation, Crawling/standing/walking

Leago is placed into his walking ring with a number of hard and soft toys in front of him. Mom starts to tidy up the living room and Leago plays with the toys – mouthing them, examining their labels. Mom is within sight in the kitchen.

When one of the toys drops on the floor Leago starts to show some displeasure – vocalising the beginnings of crying. He looks up towards mom, quietens down but soon resumes protesting.

Mom stands in front of him, arms out towards him saying “Come here”. She repeats this a few times, encouraging him to “walk” towards her but does not move towards him. He expresses some frustration, making sounds and partly crying. His feet are barely touching the floor. After a while mom resumes picking up toys and tosses them onto the waling ring in front of Leago. Leago stays in the ring for some time, mouthing parts of his toys. He looks up at mom in the kitchen, starting to cry and waving his arms and feet around. Again mom tells him “Come here”. When he finally starts to cry loadly, mom walks over and lifts him out of the ring, apologises and tries to sooth him. He continues to cry until she begins to breast feed. As soon as he has latched onto the nipple he stops crying.

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