Leago 225 days 32 weeks 01a

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Leago (225 days / 32 weeks) 01    00:12:25

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Awareness of Camera, Communication, Curiosity, Drive, Separation, Will, Wondering

Leago is standing in his walking ring. It is three weeks since the last filming took place and his legs and feet now comfortably reach the floor. He is playing with some soft toys, a rattle and a set of house keys, all contained on the walking ring. Mom is in the kitchen washing up and moving into and out of the house. Granny is also home. Leago notices the movement at times but does not respond to it as he focuses on the objects around him.

Occasionally something drops and mom helps to pick it up. They make close contact – a gaze, smile, kiss – Leago grabs onto mom’s bead necklace and she gently retrieves it. Leago goes back to exploring the objects. Granny walks past into the kitchen and on her return trip towards the bathroom, where she is cleaning, Leago grabs her dress and gets hidden in it. He holds on while granny tells him to leave it.

Leago continues to play with his things, occasionally looking back towards the bathroom. Now able to move the walking ring around himself, he heads off to where granny is and enters the bathroom. He watches her cleaning the toilet and bath and they interact, with granny, playfully, telling Leago to "get out". When he finally leaves he looks into other rooms in the house and notices and reaches out for the camera directly, for the first time. He looks between the camera lens and the filmmaker, before continuing his exploration of other parts of the house.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny


Sue Mom