Leago 24 days 01

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Leago (24 days) 01    00:08:53

Leago | Time, Support, Attachment (secure/insecure), Thinking, Feeding

Mom settles sleeping Leago on the bed and comments that she expects he will sleep for a while. Leago moves and makes noises and facial expressions in his sleep – as if responding to internal activities/thoughts. He wakes slowly and cries for mom who arrives to settle him. Mom asks what the matter is and her expression suggests her thinking about what he may be feeling and trying to respond to that. She breastfeeds Leago and then tries to burp him. Still unconfident, and with granny still at home to support mom, she hands Leago over for burping, which granny does with relative ease. Both mom and granny use the same hand motions on Leago to get him to burp.

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Florence granny

Florence Granny

Leago 1



Sue Mom

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