Leago 271 days 39 weeks 01

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Leago (271 days / 39 weeks) 01    00:08:53

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Crawling/standing/walking, Curiosity, Drive, Expectation, Feeding, Gaze, Pleasure, Separation

It is early evening. Leago is in his walking ring, watching TV with granny. She comments about how much he loves the TV. Granny hears mom arriving home from work and unlocking the gate. Leago manoeuvres himself quickly to the door, squealing and smiling. He gets a hello kiss and follows mom to the bedroom. They return to the living room and to the TV. Leago still in his ring, starting to cry slightly. He is picked up out of the walking ring and starts to feed. “He likes the breast”, granny comments. Mom and granny continue a conversation about the day while Leago feeds, often gazing up at mom, who returns the gaze between looking at granny. While suckling, Leago reaches up to mom’s mouth and touches her. She responds, kissing his hand. When he is finished eating, mom sits him up and he snuggles against her. Mom, wanting to change out of work clothing, puts Leago down on the floor and unravels a toy for him. Leago watches as she does this. “He’s never seen you do this before”, granny comments.

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Florence granny

Florence Granny


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