Leago 280 days 40 weeks 01

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Leago (280 days / 40 weeks) 01    00:08:52

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Curiosity, Fathers, Gaze, Holding/impinging (environment), Loss, Pleasure, Presence/absence, Separation

Leago awakens to a loud clap of thunder. He begins to cry and quickly both mom and granny are in the room to soothe him. He calms down but is still wide-eyed. A little while later they are all in the living room when a guest arrives. It is Leago’s biological father, Buhle, who has only recently decided to be involved in Leago’s life. This is the only time during the filming that Buhle was present.

At first Leago doesn’t pay much attention to his dad but after some encouragement from both parents he crawls to dad who picks him up and sits Leago on his lap. They make noises and play for a while. Leago looks into dad’s face and eyes - touching his face. Buhle takes out his phone to take a photo of Leago but tells Leago that the phone memory is full. He starts to show Leago photos of an infant he calls "baby". “Why can’t I find a photo of you?” Buhle says, showing other children to Leago.

In conversation, dad tells mom and granny that he has been sent to collect some of an aunt's kitchen utensils, including a knife but he also says he will tell the aunt to come past and collect her things herself. Granny agrees telling him he cannot walk around with a knife. She tells him that he will run into Amabehrede (what group of people this is is not clear) “You will run out of luck” she tells him. Having told everyone that he is just "popping in" dad stands up to go, putting Leago on the floor and moving to the door. Leago quickly crawls after him. Dad closes and locks the gate, commenting on Leago following him “He know’s me”. Once dad leaves Leago stands for a moment watching him walk down the path. Mom tells him to come to her and Leago turns quickly and crawls back to where mom is sitting.

People you will meet:

Buhle Leagos dad

Buhle Biological Dad

Florence granny

Florence Granny


Sue Mom