Leago 354 days 52 weeks

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Leago (343 days / 48.5 weeks) 01    00:14:07

Leago | Attachment (secure/insecure), Communication, Feeding, Play, Pleasure, Separation, Will

Leago is about to turn one year old. He is playing with his gift – a plastic ball-pen. He is inside and mom outside the pen. Mom sits on the couch and sings happy birthday to him. Leago raises his hands and waves at the “hooray” part of the song. Mom gets onto the floor to play. They are laughing as mom lifts and lowers the mesh netting between them – a type of hide and seek. Leago laughs with his whole body. This is repeated a few times before mom takes Leago out of the ball-pen and tells him to stand up. He is steady on his feet and moves towards her. He is in search of her breasts. He stand between mom’s legs and feeds on her right breast. He looks around while feeding and smiles at the camera, still holding mom’s breast in his hands. Mom comments “You are playing with my breast”. Leago shows some frustration and arches his back, mom quickly replies “Ok, take, take” and he returns to sucking. In response to mom’s complaint “You are pinching me” Leago appears to bite and pull away from the breast. Mom shrieks from pain and Leago starts to shake his head and body, a high pitched sound coming from him. Mom, after a scowl-faced stare, invites him to return to sucking and offers the other breast. At first he seems to want the right breast but then settles into feeding on the other. His one hand playing with and squeezing the right breast.

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