Leago 59 days 01

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Leago (59 days / 8.3 weeks) 01    00:13:33

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Self-regulation, Feeding, Bathing

Leago is lying on the bed. He notices the filmmaker and camera. Mom undresses him to bath, washing him with a cloth, including washing the inside of his mouth. She dries him and puts oil onto his healing umbilical wound. She also rubs a few drops of the oil into the top of Leago’s head as part of a cultural practice to protect him. She dresses him commenting on his dislike for wearing clothes.

Leago begins to cry loudly when mom leaves him on the bed to put away the bath things. Mom soothes him and feeds him, moving her nipple into and out of his mouth as he feeds in a disrupted way, crying at times. Mom apologies often when he cries. Leago seems to move his head and eyes away from mom’s face on and off during the feed.

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Sue Mom

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Leago 59 days 02
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