Leago 73 days 01

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Leago (73 days / 10.3 weeks) 01    00:21:33

Leago | Connect/disconnect, Feeding, Soothing, Maternal Presence/Absence, Helplessness, Skin, Gaze

Leago is dressed in a warm baby-grow and is lying on the bed. Mom undresses him and talks to him before washing him with a cloth, talking to him as she does so. Leago starts to complain as mom dresses him and she tells him that he doesn’t like wearing clothes and that she and he always fight about getting dresses.

While dressing, Leago starts to cry and sneeze. He seems full of mucous and sneezes often, also choking on it at times. Mom is looking for a safety pin (one found commonly on traditional skirts that granny wears). She plans to extract the mucous using the safety pin. Leago cries as mom goes off to look for the safety pin. She reassures him with her voice while she is away.

It takes a long time to settle Leago and he falls asleep after feeding. Mom then puts him down on a bed to sleep.

NOTE: The following note is provided by someone familiar with the cultural practices of Leago’s family: During the post-partum period both mother and infant need to be protected from outside intrusions and from evil spirits (including the gossip and judgement of unsupportive members of the community). The woollen strings around Leago’s chest, waist and wrists are intended to protect the infant from evil spirits of this world.

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