Leago 77 days 11 weeks 03

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Leago (77 days / 11 weeks) 03    00:11:33

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Feeding, Maternal Presence/Absence, Wondering, Gaze, Support, Connect/disconnect

Cont. from clip 02: Mom’s brother, Rodney, and his daughter, Naledi arrive. Mom is still trying to soothe Leago and get him to sleep. She is vocal in her frustration “I don’t want him any more”, “Mama, take him”. Naledi, Leago’s cousin, watches the camera while mom and granny encourage her to pay attention to Leago and to hold him.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Naledi 3

Naledi Cousin

Rodney older uncle

Rodney Older Uncle


Sue Mom

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