Leago 91 days 13 weeks 02

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Leago (91 days / 13 weeks) 02    00:07:24

Leago | Awareness of Camera, Communication, Curiosity, Gaze, Intrusion, Wondering, Pleasure

Leago is staring up at the camera while in moms arms on her lap. She tries to draw his attention away but cannot. Mom looks at the filmmaker and smiles. “What can you see my boy?” the filmmaker asks him. Mom continues to play with and talk to Leago but his attention is on the filmmaker. His expression is neither pleased nor disturbed by the intrusion. Mom plays a game making the filmmaker visible within Leago’s eyeline and then not. She watches his reaction.

Leago looks up at mom who is telling him “You’re storing your food in your mouth”. The chat for a while, playing “hi five” and mom tells Leago that he is now able to hold his rattle.

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Sue Mom

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