Leago 91 days 13 weeks 03

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Leago (91 days 13 weeks) 03    00:11:51

Leago | Communication, Feeding, Gaze, Parental exhaustion, Pleasure, Presence/absence, Sleep

Leago is lying on mom’s lap looking into her face. Mom is telling a story about a boy who lives with his granny and mother; who goes to crèche and then to school and then to work. At times they both laugh and at times Leago’s expression is uncertain.

When Leago wants to feed mom tells him that she refuses – “You are playing with my breast. I’m not a snack” she says – and then feeds him. He will not go to sleep and mom encourages him several times to sleep. At moments she stares off and sighs while Leago gazes up to her face.

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Sue Mom

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