Leago 98 days 01

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Leago (98 days / 14 weeks) 01    00:07:40

Leago | Support, Sleep, Nurturing

This is one of those weeks where the baby slept through the entire hour of filming.

Leago’s mom, granny and cousin, Naledi, are in the other room attending to laundry and playing/ talking to Naledi.

Leago is asleep on a bed in a separate room. He is lying on his stomach. He sleeps with little movement even when conversation in the next room is loud.

Mom comes in to check on Lee, as does Naledi, who makes small noises which do not affect Leago’s sleeping. The filmmaker then follows the noises to see what is happening next door.

Naledi is talking about her age, who her parents are, who Leago’s mom is and she is practicing the months and weekdays that she has learnt at creche. This is done with participation from Leago’s mom (Naledi’s aunt) and granny.

On returning to Leago, he is still fast asleep.

NOTE: Sue and Naledi are playing a sing song game. It’s a Nguni song, sung by children, while playing a certain game. One could also describe it as a nursery rhyme. In general it suggests that one always eats yesterday's food, perhaps because there is nothing to eat today? They are also singing other bits of songs, including the South African National Anthem, which Naledi is improvising on.

People you will meet:

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Naledi 3

Naledi Cousin


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