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Sofia (111 days / 15.6 Weeks) 01    00:10:30

Sofia | Skin, Connect/disconnect, Feeding, Time, Silence, Siblings

Sofia is crying, waiting to feed. “Oh, my baby” says mom as she prepares to feed Sofia who quickly quietens down to suck. Mom looks down at Sofia for a while, grimacing occasionally from the feeding. Mom picks up her magazine and begins to read. Sofia’s hands move about from moms breast to her own ears – back and forth. When mom does take Sophia’s hand Sofia seems to push away and hold the hand. There is silence.

As the feed ends and Fia starts to make eye contact with mom, Raphael arrives, and mom splits her attention between them. Sophia smiles at mom and vocalises. Mom returns the gaze and sounds. Raphael climbs onto the bed and joins mom and Sophia saying “You’re the mother”. He demands that mom put a tattoo on him but she says she needs to see if Fia wants a bit more milk. Luca arrives and want to play with mom’s breast pump. A discussion ensues about when Raphael broke the pumps when Luca was small. Sofia watches the activities. Mom leaves to help the boys with the tattoo. Sophia remains behind on the bed and amuses herself by playing with her own hands.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother


Raphael Oldest Brother

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