Sofia 118 days 16 6 weeks 02

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Sofia (118 days / 16.6 weeks) 02    00:10:52

Sofia | Communication, Attachment (secure/insecure), Play, Curiosity

Continuing from Clip 01: Sofia has been lying on the bed alone for about 7 minutes. She starts vocalising loudly, unsettled. Nomsa responds first vocally and then picks her up and carries her off to her own room. Sofia looks at the filmmaker. She is placed in her cot with a dummy and the mobile is switched on and placed where she can see and reach it. She is holding her dummy in her mouth. She reaches out for the objects, holding and examining them – pulling the toy animals towards her. She seems content to be left alone with it. Pia comes into the room and puts the dummy in Sofia’s mouth. Sofia looks at her and seems to listen to the many voices (mom, Nomsa, siblings, guests) in the passage and bathroom nearby. Sofia’s attention is soon turned back to her mobile. Some of the play with the mobile gets fast and active. Her concentration is focused on the objects and occasionally her eyes open wide.

People you will meet:

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny

Pia CU

Pia Neighbour and Family Friend

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