Sofia 168 days 24 Weeks

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Sofia (168 days / 24 Weeks) 01    00:13:59

Sofia | Helplessness, Holding/impinging (environment), Internalising, Presence/absence, Self-regulation, Skin, Survival

Mom has just gone back to work after the summer holidays (one or two days ago). It is late afternoon and Sofia has been bathed and dressed by Nomsa (not seen in this clip). The boys are talking to Nomsa from the bathroom “I want to get out” Luca says. Nomsa takes Sofia to the crib, telling her she must go and fetch Luca. Within a few moments of being left alone in the crib Sofia starts to cry, hands flailing in the air or holding her ears. She lies is in the cot while Nomsa is dressing the boys after bath time. Her crying is continuous, momentarily distracted by Nomsa giving her a dummy and saying “I know you like to be held. You like uppie-uppie”.

Raphael comes over to talk to Sofia and she quietens down for a short time but then she continues to cry with increasing volume - her body movements and face showing much distress. Nomsa is busy dressing Luca and doesn’t come over although her voice is heard telling Sofia “I’ll be with you now”. The crying becomes a scream. Sofia’s face is red, eyes wide. The filmmaker, after a long time, puts a hand onto Sofia’s stomach and head and talks softly, trying to sooth her. Sofia, although momentarily affected, continues to cry. Nomsa picks her up but she is inconsolable. “I won’t put you down now” Nomsa says, while looking towards the window which overlooks the road where mom would drive in from. Nomsa takes Sofia to her pram and out onto the street to calm her and try to get her to sleep but she still cries intermittently, not going to sleep. They are walking along the road when mom arrives home from work. The boys talk to mom who parks her car and comes up to Sofia and Nomsa. Sofia has become quiet and is lying wide-eyed in her pram staring upwards by the time mom picks her up and takes her inside to feed. She shows no reaction to being picked up.

NOTE: This is one of two clips in which the filmmaker felt it necessary to break her own boundary and rules and to physically intervene to try to "hold" Sofia.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny


Raphael Oldest Brother