Sofia 175 days 25 Weeks 01

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Sofia (175 days / 25 Weeks) 01    00:07:20

Sofia | Communication, Feeding, Gaze, Holding/impinging (environment), Pleasure, Siblings, Silence, Skin

Sofia is in mom’s arms as she is carried upstairs to mom’s bedroom to feed. Mom puts Sofia down on the bed and climbs in, covering both of them with a duvet. While mom is preparing to feed, Sofia turns towards the breast, ready to suckle. The filmmaker cannot see Sofia on the breast, but the sounds of her feeding are clear. Mom looks off into the distance. Sofia’s arm appears several times from under the duvet and moves about, touching mom’s arm before settling on mom’s clothing and holding her. This happens a few times before mom takes Fia’s hand. Sofia stops feeding and looks up at mom and smiles. Mom returns the smile and they hold their gaze of one another until Sofia returns to the breast.

The two spend some quiet time in the feed, with occasional smiles and sounds and eye and skin contact before the boys arrive. Sofia stares up at mom’s face, which is now turned to where Luca has entered, her eyes wide. The boys dash around the room in their swimming costumes asking for the iPad. Sofia looks like she is ready to start feeding again when mom, trying to get the boys to go to bath, gets out of the bed and picks Sofia up. The two interact and smile before Fia is carried out of the room.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother


Raphael Oldest Brother

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