Sofia 175 days 25 Weeks 02

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Sofia (175 days / 25 Weeks) 02    00:09:13

Sofia | Awareness of Camera, Nurturing, Presence/absence, Self-regulation, Separation, Siblings

Sofia, having just been fed, is nestled on mom’s hip in the kitchen where mom is starting to prepare supper. Luca has joined them and mom puts Sofia in her plastic seat so that she can sit upright, next to the children’s table in the kitchen where mom is letting Luca help to cut potatoes for french-fries. Although mom is trying to make long French-fries she allows Luca to cut the potatoes into small blocks, encouraging him as he goes.

Sofia is lower down on the floor in her seat. She is playing with her feet and looking around, occasionally smiling at the filmmaker and making noises. Mom notices one of the sounds, copies it and picks Sofia up and cuddles her.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother

Shirley 1

Shirley House-Keeper

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