Sofia 175 days 25 Weeks 03

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Sofia (175 days / 25 Weeks) 03    00:07:37

Sofia | Bathing, Communication, Curiosity, Expression, Gaze, Holding/impinging (environment), Pleasure, Skin, Startle

Following on from the scene in the kitchen (clip 02), Sofia is in her crib, mouthing a stuffed toy. Mom is on the bed behind the crib with Luca and Pia. She is putting a band-aid onto where Luca cut his finger while chopping potatoes.

Nomsa enters the room to take Sofia to bath. Sofia is taken to Luca’s room to be undressed. Luca follows and shows Nomsa and the filmmaker his red plaster. Nomsa asks Luca if he would like to bath with Sofia but he declines and runs off. Nomsa chats with Pia’s caregiver, who has spent the afternoon at the house with Pia. Nomsa comments that Luca is “daddy’s boy”.

While being undressed Sofia looks up at Nomsa, her tongue pushed out of her mouth, chatting to Nomsa, who responds.

Sofia is put into the bath, soaped and splashed with water. Her responses vary from trying to catch the water in her mouth, to looking unsure about it all. Nomsa asks if Sofia is swimming, and Fia splashes the water with her arms. Nomsa lets Sofia lie quietly in the water for a few moments, watching her response.

Sofia’s expressions throughout the bath appear to change from uncertainty, wide-eyed, almost startled, to smiles, to her own wonderings in the water. She stands up (held by Nomsa) and bobs around a little watching her legs, before being taken out of the bath.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny

Pia CU

Pia Neighbour and Family Friend

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