Sofia 197 days 28 Weeks 01

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Sofia (197 days / 28 Weeks) 01    00:12:28

Sofia | Attachment (secure/insecure), Awareness of Camera, Communication, Fathers, Feeding, Holding/impinging (environment), Wondering

It is mid-morning on a weekday. Sofia has been placed on her stomach on the couch. Nomsa is watching her while dad prepares some medicine for her, before leaving for work. Nomsa hands Sofia to dad for some goodbye kisses, some of which Sofia seems to smile at. She is then placed into her stroller with a toy to sleep. She focuses on the toy for a bit and then looks up at the filmmaker and smiles broadly, then arches her back almost standing against the back for the stroller. Sofia stares off into a distance, her eyes somewhat glazed over for a while before returning to look at the filmmaker. Her eyebrows are raised as she takes in what is around her. Her attention moves between the filmmaker (smiling with a range of different expressions) and then seemingly drifting off into her own space. Sofia arches her back and pushes upwards, bumping her hand on the arm of the stroller and begins to cry.

Nomsa picks Sofia up and feeds her from the bottle. This is the first time we see Sofia drinking from a bottle – but she does not settle. Nomsa places Fia back into the stroller and pushes the stroller back and forth. Sofia is sitting up and is not soothed by the movement. She gets agitated and begins to cry. Nomsa drops the back of the seat into a lying position and gives Sofia her bottle. She is holding the bottle herself and feeding, swallowing deeply, as the stroller is pushed more gently back and forth.

People you will meet:

Geoff dad

Geoff Dad

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny

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