Sofia 232 days 33 weeks 02b

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Sofia (232 days / 33 weeks) 02    00:13:52

Sofia | Anxiety, Curiosity, Empathy/ Lack thereof, Play, Resilience, Siblings, Wondering

Continuing from clip 01: Sofia is in the crib exploring a toy. The boys have been dressed after bathing and get into the crib to play with Sofia. Soon Nomsa takes Sofia out and cleans all the children’s ears with earbuds (not included in the scene) and places Sofia on the carpet. The boys are running around the room actively – aware of the camera and passing close to Sofia, who vocalises her response. Besides some sounds she does not respond much to the boys. Rather Sofia focuses on her toys and continues to roll over towards the filmmaker. Raphael comments that she is getting closer and tells the filmmaker that she can now roll where she wants. Luca finds a large battery-operated toy dragon, switches it on and places it in front of Sofia. Sofia first responds to the noise of the dragon and then moves closer to it trying to touch it. Luca, wide-eyed, says “That’s a scary …” and then “Look, she’s touching it”. Raphael takes the dragon from in front of Sofia and says, “I’ll make it dead”. He switches off the dragon and passes it back to Sofia. The boys then have a discussion with the filmmaker about the scary dragon and the filmmaker asks why the boys think Sofia wasn’t scared of it. Raphael says, “She had a happy face when she was trying to get it.”

People you will meet:

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny


Raphael Oldest Brother

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