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Sofia (291 days / 41 weeks) 01    00:08:09

Sofia | Crawling/standing/walking, Curiosity, Empathy/ Lack thereof, Resilience, Sibling Rivalry, Wondering

It is several weeks since the last filming. The family has been traveling to see Sofia’s maternal grandmother in South America.

Sofia is on the floor in the kitchen with her brothers. Raphael is pulling Luca around and telling him “I’m taking you to jail”. Shirley is sitting on a stool in the background. Sofia is watching the activity and crawling (this is the first time the filmmaker has seen her crawling fully) to see what the boys are doing. She is also exploring the room around her.

When Luca starts crying loudly Shirley goes to fetch him and brings him into the living-room. It is dark and the footage is grainy. Sofia is watching the action from the door. Luca, sitting with Shirley and then sitting on the carpet, is repeatedly asking Raphael “why do you do that?” and “Why do you make it scary?” Raphael, also repeatedly, explains that he wants to see if Luca cries when he is scared. Sofia is at first with Raphael on the floor and then, when the boys take this discussion onto the carpet, she crawls to a pot plant and, kneeling, holds onto it and pulls herself upwards. When Luca stops asking Raphael his question he starts playing with a battery operated machinegun. Raphael continues to frustrate Luca by throwing a toy at his gun. Luca begins shooting the gun and the noise level increases. While this is happening, Sofia starts to bob back and forth, shaking the pot plant. She loses her balance and falls over and starts to cry. Shirley picks her up and she immediately stops crying. She sits on Shirley’s lap trying to get hold of the phone, which Shirley holds out of reach.

People you will meet:

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother


Raphael Oldest Brother

Shirley 1

Shirley House-Keeper