Sofia 78 days 02

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Sofia (78 days / 11.1 week) 02    00:06:16

Sofia | Startle, Self-regulation, Maternal Presence/Absence, Pleasure

Nomsa places Sofia into her rocking chair. Sofia is wide eyed, and her arms are moving about. At times she looks startled. Mom’s voice enters the room making a connection to Fia. She talks to Nomsa and picks up Luca and chats to him (off camera) while Sofia continues to move in the chair. Mom goes into the kitchen to begin preparing for supper. Sofia continues to look around, wide-eyed, arms moving somewhat uncontrolled around her. After a while, she becomes agitated, vocalizing aloud. Mom replies in the background then asking Fia “cross, cross?” Sofia smiles momentarily, looking more towards the camera than to where mom’s voice is coming from. She soon returns to a more unsettled state until mom arrives and picks her up – to which she responds with a big smile. Mom kisses and hugs Fia and lifts her in the air gently, singing in English and then Portuguese, “I dance, I dance”. Sofia looks unsure of this activity, looking away from mom.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Nomsa 3

Nomsa Nanny

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