Sofia 78 days 03

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Sofia (78 days / 11.1 weeks) 03    00:07:55

Sofia | Skin, Self-regulation, Connect/disconnect, Maternal Presence/Absence, Pleasure, Gaze, Siblings

It is dusk and the light is fading. Mom is sitting on a couch with Sofia, gently kissing her and holding her to mom’s chest while rubbing her back. Mom looks into the distance. Fia niggles a bit and mom holds her, kissing her hands and mouthing on her fingers and arms. Sofia’s head and eye are turned away from mom’s face. Hearing Luca looking for her, mom calls him to join her and “baba Fia” outside.

Luca arrives with mom’s phone asking for help. Mom puts Sofia down on the ottoman and she and Luca attend to the phone. Luca settles next to Sofia, scrolling through the phone. Mom picks up her iPad and starts looking through it. Luca decides to swop mom’s phone for her iPad. She thanks him and the two separately engage with their devices. Sofia lies on the couch, her arms and legs moving around. The light of electronic devices partially light the scene. Sofia starts to make sounds and then to cry. Mom waits a while, responding with her voice, and then picks Sofia up.

People you will meet:

Bea floral

Beatriz Mom

Luca 1

Luca Youngest Brother

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